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15 December 1987
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My name is Abby sometimes known as Albert, L and colabubble. But never Abs. I’m 20 and sometimes act like a 12 year old. My sister is miniminkie and tougher we have minicolabubble a shared journal where we post Mp3’s I post my icons and she post’s her fan fiction.
I warn you now this journal has ADULT themes, do not add me unless you are comfortable with nudity, boy on boy sex, porn and swearing DO NOT ADD ME. In side you’ll find I rant and rave about my fandoms, my life and anything else I feel like adding.

The Music
Mcfly, Busted,The Black Kids, The Audition, Eliot Minor,30 Secounds To Mars, My Chemical Romance, Bloc Party, We Are Scientists, Biffy Clyro, Belle And Sebastian, Jonas Bothers
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The Fandoms
Hollyoaks, Heroes, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Greek, Yaoi, Legend of Zelda, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Mcfly RPS, Jonas Brothers RPS,Gossip Girl, McJonas RPS

The 'ships
Warren/Justin - Rhys/Gilly - Rhys/Josh - Gilly/Warren - Peter/Hiro - Mikey/Gerard Way - Gerard Way/Jared Leto - All Mcfly Slash - Ryan Ross/Pete Wentz, - Danny Jones/ Joe Jonas

The Shameless self-promotion
I own or co-own
minicolabubble - bubble_shock - arthurs_chamber

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